Thirteen artists who work in diverse media create original art benches. Five poets and three musicians join them to celebrate in this 'Bench Press.' 

With an eye on fine craft and adept art innovations, each artist will

create new artwork benches. All thirteen artists have a distinct connection to Northern California.

In this exhibition we will celebrate our regional talent and continue to recognize the cultural significance of far Northern California.

These original furniture explorations will shed light on the multiple uses and meaning of the bench. As a vehicle for creating relationships and community, benches offer a personal space in the public sphere to converse, ruminate, feed the birds, read a paper, text a friend, sketch nature, make a friend, gaze at art, rest during a walk and the controversial "catch a few zzz's."


Historically, the bench presence, in communities such as the Shakers and the Hutterites, was an instrumental part of their social idealism and pragmatic communal philosophy.  

All told this exhibition has a dynamic range of curatorial topics. 


The Turtle Bay exhibition will exhibit more than 22 benches and three two-dimensional drawings. Five poets, three musicians and an internationally recognized netsuke carver will demonstrate their original and creative contributions at ancillary events. September 26, 2020 through January 10, 2021.


A printed catalogue is available for purchase at Turtle Bay museum store. welcome to an introduction to Bench Press - Please be seated Please.  

Bench Press  -  Please be seated please

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