Contemporary furniture exhibition         Curated by Alice Porembski

Important note from the curator:

The irony of this title does not escape me. The concept was originated in 2018 and art work was made and the catalogue published in 2019.  Due to current social distance protocols and safety of visitor concerns, none of the benches will be useable as seating during the exhibition.  Proper sanitization of surfaces can damage the artwork so the exhibition will be a view only status.  

Due to pandemic protocols, timed reservations can be made at This precaution is in effect for the safety of visitors.


Organized by Alice Porembski


                     Turtle Bay Exploration Park


Bench Press-Please be seated please Exhibition

September 26,2020 through January 10, 2021 

Fun fact:  The Italian word for bench is "banco". The first banks were benches in Italian plazas and trading centers. 

  • Benches are well-designed functional seating, Historically known as 'long seats' they usually accommodate more than one person.

  • Benches can be a vehicle for building community and relationships. 

  • Benches offer an opportunity to ruminate, feed the birds, read a paper, text a friend, sketch nature, make a friend, gaze at some art, complete a transaction, catch a few zzz's.

  • Benches serve as a temporary personal space in the public sphere. 

  • Designate a buddy bench in schools and it becomes an anti-bullying device. 

  • The challenge for an artist is to create the unique manifestation of new ideas and revelations. In this exhibition we explore the bench. 

ADDENDUM: In direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Three artists  (Stan Sours, Alice Porembski and Colleen Barry) have collaborated to create a proper social distance bench.  It is 14' long and seats three humans. One in the center and one on each end.  This bench titled "Out of the Woodworks" will also be on display during the exhibition. 

Bench Press  -  Please be seated please

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